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Copper Dragon Skipton- Real ale

I think as you get older, your palate continues to evolve. I don’t think that many people are born with a liking of red wine and espresso coffee! In recent years, Mark and I have developed a taste for Real Ale. We had both gone through our early 20’s on nights out consuming special student deals etc. I think that we got to a point that we started to really appreciate what we were drinking.

We live in Castleford which is home to T.Fawcett’s Maltsters and Malt Roasters. both processes fascinate me. (I know that won’t get everyone going!) However they are important because they allow the sugars in barley to ferment and produce alcohol and give beer its distinctive colour.

I first became intrigued by Copper Dragon as I saw one of their vehicles in Castleford. I wasn’t sure if they used T.Fawcett’s or if they were supplying a local pub. I also noticed that they had started to follow me on Twitter. They’re also based in Skipton Yorkshire. It was fate, I had to try their beer.

Sorry, this is an after drinking photo

We drank the beers from dark to light (darker roasted malt first)

Black Gold – what the brewer says

“Recipe recreated from restored brewing records from the 1800’s. The use of traditional coloured and roasted malts give a unique, rich and luscious flavour.”

What we thought – Hints of treacle and cinder toffee. Smooth, no aftertaste (not over hopped) rich and velvety. Dark but not black. Totally delicious. Would be lovely as the evenings creep in.

Best Bitter – what the brewer says

“A refreshing amber coloured Best Bitter brewed with English malt and hops creating a traditional session ale to suit all palates.”

What we thought – Easy drinking bitter with a trace of honey. This beer is exactly what is says on the bottle. I think if you’re not a huge fan of real ale this would be a good one to try. I could quite easily find a nice little pub and have a few of these.

Golden Pippin – what the brewer says

” A light refreshing blonde ale brewed using a variety of hop creating a citrus fruit flavour. Originally brewed as a seasonal ale, it has become such a favourite that it is now brewed all year round”

What we thought – this is a very summery drink, you can taste the hops with the kick coming after you’ve swallowed. It almost tingles on your tongue. Floral and citrusy. Very refreshing on a hot day. Slightly more bitter than the other two.

All of the beers were delicious, you can really taste the quality. Our favourite was Black Gold which surprised us as we don’t usually go for the darker ales. But this has changed our minds. I think we also preferred this as we drank it on a dark, damp and cold evening. I’m sure we’d prefer Golden Pippin in the summer on a steaming hot day. Would definitely recommend these they’re top class!

We’re hoping to review more Yorkshire real ales, please let us know if you have any suggestions for us.


A rainy day in Skipton

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I ventured out in the wet weather (being strong Yorkshire women we wouldn’t let a bit of weather stop us) to Skipton. Many years ago i’d visited the Fent shop which is literally an Aladdin’s cave of material for quilting, soft furnishings etc.

too many to choose from

My intention had been to look for quilting materials for a project that I had in mind for Hula girl. I wasn’t disappointed. They had a variety of fat quarters for £1.50 which I felt was very reasonable and have found the fabric to be excellent quality.  The staff there were very helpful, while we were in there Hula the little monkey started screaming blue murder for a feed. One of the ladies showed me to an area of privacy so that I could feed her in peace. So if you like working with textiles and you’re going to Skipton I would definitely recommend a visit.

The only negative is that it is very difficult to find, it took us an hour to finally discover it down an ally next to Martin Macolls newsagent.

Another place of interest for all meat lovers is Drake and Macefield butchers.  They’re famous in the area for their award-winning pork pies. I had some and they were delicious, their sausages are lovely too. I had one small niggle which was  the service.  All of the items that I bought were put onto the counter top and the lady who served me just walked out into the back room without offering me a bag or anything. It was just awkward as I had my 6 month old baby daughter in my arms and other shopping bags. But apart from that it was spot on.

Very proud of their awards

Although the rain was relentless, the drive home back to Castleford was excellent. I decided against going back through Bradford centre and chose a longer but far more fun and picturesque drive through Ilkley, Otley Harewood and then onto the A1 south. It makes me realise what I stunning county I have the privilege of living in. The rain only emphasised the green of everything around. The smell of wild garlic in the hedgerow was overwhelming but wonderful. Looking forward to visiting Skipton again very soon.