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A weekend in sunny Scarberia

At the end of July, we went away with a group of friends to Scarborough for the weekend. This was a little extra special for us as Holly hadn’t been to the coast before and we were really looking forward to taking her down to the beach. As you will see from the photographs, it was a little grey bit we did get some nice breaks in the clouds.

It was lovely to spend time with two other couples who also have babies the same age as Holly. I’ve sometimes found it difficult to socialize with my old friends who don’t have children so it was really great to relax and not worry about Hula.

I’ve never really been a fan of Scarborough and most often went to Whitby as a child but there are some really charming little bits.

North Bay beach chalets

On the day that we went to the beach, Mark, Holly and I walked down by the North Beach by ourselves. It was a lovely walk by the sea wall. I think the sea air did Holly the world of good.

Our view from our walk down from North Bay

Holly having a paddle

Cold wet sand on baby toes!

Holly not looking impressed at all! I'm quite scared of her on this photo

Hula with a donkey

The three of us very happy on a slightly grey day in Scarberia

How cute, we found a little yellow boat with Hula's name!

There are further photographs of the evening that followed this day. However, they involved a number of glasses of wine and a game of “sing star” on the PS3. I’m not so cruel to the lovely people that we shared the weekend with to show those. We had a lovely time with fantastic company.

N.B Scarberia is a term that was first introduced to me by one of the couples that we went to Scarborough with. Quite self explanatory I think!