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Family Day- RHS Harlow Carr

We had a lovely picnic at Harlow Carr today. Mark’s parents gave us a leaflet of up-and-coming events there; one of which was a craft fair. The price was the same as usual, £8.25 per adult and under 6’s go free . We were offered free admission if we became members,  starting at £49.

The selection of crafts were good but it felt a little cramped in the room that they were set up in, and they weren’t accommodating for people with pushchairs/wheelchairs. It put me off from staying too long to have a good look around.

If I’m being completely honest, although the gardens are beautiful, I do think that the admission charge is a little steep. I feel that gardening and growing should be accessible to all. However, I can imagine that the price makes it inaccessible to many people on low incomes, or at best, off-putting. The garden centre and gift shop were also very expensive in my view. I don’t know, perhaps it’s just me! I think I’m turning into a left-wing, thrifty gardener as a head ever closer to 30.

Despite all this, we had a lovely walk around the gardens and Holly managed to stretch her legs running through the log maze. Here’s a few photos, the ones of Holly are in our garden (as if you couldn’t guess!) she was a little camera-shy while we were out, but I couldn’t resist showing you all how beautiful she looked today.

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