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5 little ducks went swimming one day…….

After a very busy weekend at a friend’s wedding, we decided that we needed a little family time together.  With the weather being a balmy 24 degrees c and with half a loaf of stale bread in the bread bin, we set out to feed the ducks. We initially wanted to go to Pontefract race course but the races were on so it was absolutely packed. As we sat at the traffic lights, we thought of where else to go. Hemsworth Water Park sprang to mind.

Neither of us had ever been there before, but I had often seen the signs for it while I was at work. It was a little tricky to find because there aren’t any direct signs from the road, but with a little help from google maps on iPhone we found it. There are two parking areas. One is the main car park with a small charge of £2.oo to park. The other is opposite the main entrance for the Vale Head Park and is free.

The entrance of the park

The main attraction of the water park is the lake. You can hire a pedalo or go fishing for a few pounds. People who live in Kinsley or Fitzwilliam can have a reduction if they apply to the council. Adults and children can also play golf.

The grounds

The grounds are beautifully maintained and pram friendly. It took us a good 30 minutes to walk all the way around. It might seem a little dull to blog about feeding the ducks being such a normal everyday thing but, Holly hadn’t fed the ducks before. Holly loves the song “5 little ducks” and gets very excited whenever I sing it to her.

Hula with Daddy and the ducks

I’m very mindful of how lucky I am that I spend so much time with Holly while I’m on maternity leave. I always think that our time as a family is very precious. I often feel that I fill Mark in on what Holly has been doing in the day, and he has missed so many things that she has done for the first time due to working long hours.

I hadn’t been in my job as a children’s community nurse in palliative care long, when I met  a lady who’s little boy had been born with lots of complications and had been given the news that he had days or weeks to live. She asked very nervously “what if it happens when we’re at the park feeding the ducks” my boss replied very gently ” then it happens in the park feeding the ducks, don’t worry about that, enjoy every day”.  That has stayed with me. I have a very healthy little girl and I never take it for granted. She is growing so quickly and I don’t want to miss a moment of it.

If you’re feeling a little lethargic and struggling to think what to do, don’t waste a sunday afternoon. Have a dig around in the bread bin and go to the park and feed the ducks with your little ones.

Having some quality father and daughter time