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Rogue Tomatoes

We’ve had a little surprise in our garden this Summer. We seem to be growing loads of Cherry tomato plants. This wasn’t on purpose. We’ve had the occasional rogue tomato plant before, but I think we have so many this year because of Holly. She adores cherry tomatoes. However, occasionally she doesn’t manage to finish what I’ve bought before they start to go bad. More often than not, we end up putting a couple in the compost bin at the end of the week.

To be honest, much to our disappointment, we’ve had little time for our garden this year. However, each Spring, we religiously mulch the borders with homemade compost.

Our soil is mainly clay and building rubble, so we need to do everything we can to improve it. I find that much of the compost from commercial garden centres can be of poor quality, the majority of which is peat. Our garden is quite small, but we made the decision when we moved in that we wanted to make our own compost. I really hate waste. I just think composting is such an easy way to save money and reduce waste (it also gives us extra space in our household and recycling bins which only get emptied fortnightly). We bought the compost bin for £15.00 from the council who subsidised the cost. Each Spring we get approx 330 litres of rich good quality compost from it for free!

The funny thing is, I’m rubbish at growing tomatoes. I’ve tried for years with little success. Nearly all of the plants are flowering and are producing fruit. I haven’t touched them. I’ve shown them to Holly who’s now 20 months old and she’s tried picking them while they’re still green. She’s only tiny but it’s wonderful to see that she’s taking an interest in the garden.

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