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A birthday challenge

For Vicky’s birthday I gave her a list of 30 things to do at 30 (within 30 ¬†months) – we also did one for Becky (Vicky’s twin) – I’m sure you’ve heard of this kind of thing before.

As we had done one for Becky too I made sure that some of them were the same (i.e. a night with your twin etc) and others were the same because I came up with them for Becky too!

It takes quite a bit of thought to produce this sort of thing; some of them are fun / silly (walk in the rain without a coat), others are to over-come fears / inhibitions (learn to ride your bike confidently), some are childhood reminders (swim in the river at Appletreewick) whilst others are to help us get a bit more out of life.

We’ve had what might be termed a ‘difficult’ last 12 months and with Holly coming along within the year before that too, I felt this was an opportunity to encourage Vicky (and by default myself too) to do some more enjoyable and social things. In all honesty, life has passed us by a bit over the last year, particularly socially, so here are a few of the things to get us out and about a bit more;

  1. Go to the theatre / ballet in London
  2. Have a spa treatment
  3. Have a date night with your husband at least every other week
  4. Eat out in each of the ‘Five Towns’
  5. Go to the dogs
  6. Go to Pontefract races
  7. Try Japanese food
  8. Go to a karaoke bar and sing at least one song

As you may well have read, one of Vicky’s presents was a bike – so one of the challenges was to learn to ride the bike¬†confidently. Vicky had a bit of an “issue” about riding a bike so this was a way of encouraging her to learn.

Others are to encourage her to make the most of her crafting skills whilst also being a hobby; this should help her to unwind after work.

I will definitely benefit from some of these – even if it is just the humour of it – learn to juggle, walk in the rain without a coat, watching her do karaoke, doing something that scares her and host a ‘Mighty Boosh’ party!

The rest of Vicky’s list (that isn’t in 1 to 8 above is;

  1. Learn to ride your bike confidently
  2. Wear a skirt at least once a week
  3. Complete a new cross-stitch
  4. Run on Bamburgh beach in bare feet
  5. Do one piece of exercise per week (run or cycle)
  6. Learn to juggle
  7. Make Holly a dress
  8. Make a date with your twin once a month
  9. Swim in the river at Appletreewick
  10. Make a new friend
  11. Read a new book every other month
  12. Grow all the ingredients for a meal (starter and main)
  13. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy over consecutive nights
  14. Have a fish meal at least every other week
  15. Make a den with Holly
  16. Do something that scares you
  17. Host a “Might Boosh” party including dressing up as characters
  18. Make a patch work quilt for your bedroom
  19. Support a local cause
  20. Cook a new dish every month
  21. Teach Holly to count to ten
  22. Walk in the rain without a coat