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After all of my hard work at university, I’ve recently bought myself a little present. I felt I deserved it! Well, this is a guilt free kind of treat. I bought a new bracelet, however the “guilt free” part comes when you understand who I bought it from.
There’s a wonderful little girl who I originally came into contact with while I was running the 3 Yorkshire 10k races in 2011. She very kindly donated her pocket-money for each of the races to sponsor us (she also supported many other fantastic causes by donating her pocket-money).

Her new venture, is to raise money to supply her local women’s refuge with boxes full of the essentials, and some treats for the families who may have to swiftly leave their homes due to domestic violence. She raises the money by making bracelets for a donation of £3.00. I can honestly say that it’s well worth the money. It’s really wonderful to know that my beautiful bracelet is helping someone in a situation that I couldn’t possibly imagine.What’s even more amazing is that this six year old does this anonymously, she doesn’t do this for any other reason than to help others. She’s an inspiration and example to us all.

Now I wonder if any of you guys reading this could help? Please look at the Treasure Boxes website. Treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful bracelet and in the process, you’ll be helping someone during a very difficult time in their life.

Thank you for reading xxx


York 10K and one year on

Well we did it, we completed our final 10K to raise funds for Martin House Children’s Hospice. I think Mark and I both found this one particularly difficult. It was a really warm day with zero breeze. However, York was the most perfect and beautiful location. This time my Mum walked the 10K, a big challenge for her as she’s riddled with arthritis and hasn’t had any proper exercise in a while. In the end, we all felt a huge sense of achievement. Especially Mark and I as we’d run all three of the 10K’s.

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Altogether,  Team Tink has so far managed to raise £2,089.01 (£2,533.73 with gift aid) we’re so pleased with the total but, if you haven’t already sponsored us, there’s still time! Just think, each £250 raised pays for a weekend of respite care for a family who has a child with a life threatening/life limiting illness. Being on the other end, I can’t express to you how valuable that is.

It was also very special as a couple of days after the run marked the first anniversary of Keara’s death.

What a difficult year it’s been. I can honestly say it’s been the hardest year of my life. I miss her terribly, but losing her and the time passed has taught me so much.

First, Perspective; I think I can now see the things in life that are truly worth the worry and effort. This is most evident in my relationships. My family mean the world to me. However, I’ve noticed that some of my friendships seem to have become more distant like awkward acquaintances . I’m wondering if these people have their own unresolved issues about bereavement or feel uncomfortable talking to me. They shouldn’t I’m still me. Having said that other friendships have flourished. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you receive a text message from a friend letting you know they’re thinking about you, and acknowledging that you’re in pain and that they care.

My daughter and husband are my universe. I’m in wonder of Holly for every milestone that she reaches, and I’m always bursting with pride for her. I cherish every birthday of my loved ones, ever excited as if it was my own. Having watched my mum lose her daughter, I will observe every birthday of my own daughter’s with joy, excitement and with a huge smile upon my face.

Second, Patience; I don’t seem to be in so much of a hurry these days. I now find impatient people quite irritating.

Third, Frugality; Money seems quite dull in comparison to the amazing relationships I have. I loathe materialism for the sake of it (give me an afternoon playing in the sunshine with my beautiful daughter and nephews any day).

Fourth, Fearless; I’m up for trying things that I’ve been scared of and discovering new passions in my life. I’m also finding that I’m caring less about what unimportant people in my life think. (blog post coming up about a fear I’m overcoming)

Fifth, Faith: I think I’d have cracked up without it!

Although Keara has gone, she still teaches me so much, I’m forever thankful for my relationship with her. So here’s to moving forward, with lots of silliness, excitement and fun and remembering how lucky I am to have had her in my life.

Leeds 10K. We did it! 2 down, 1 to go!!

Last weekend on a very wet Sunday morning, we ran our second 10k for team Tink. I knew there were more hills and the grey damp weather made me feel quite nervous.  However, one thing was very different. This time we had 4 more team members. My sister Becky and her husband Matt. Matt’s sister Jemma, Steve the chilli pepper (Jemma’s boyfriend)

It was such a wonderful support knowing that we were all there together running for Keara, raising money for such a fantastic cause. Mark and I both improved on our times. Mark finished in 59:28 I finished in 1:12:39, we were very pleased with ourselves as we had done minimal training since the Hull 10k (I’d done one run!). I was especially proud of Becky who managed to jog all the way round after having surgery on her face only  a couple of weeks before. Also extra special hugs to my mum who was a volunteer steward for the race on behalf of Martin House children’s hospice. If it wasn’t for people like her who give their time, the Leeds 10k wouldn’t happen

Hope you enjoy our photos, please check out our sponsor page and give if you can. Our last run is in York on the 31st of July. That’s 2 days before Keara’s first anniversary. I’m sure it’ll be a very emotional day for us all.

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Hull 10K. We did it! 1 down, 2 to go!!

Well this morning, Mark and I got up bright and early, drove to Hull and ran a 10k to raise money for Martin House in memory of Keara. To be honest, it was one of the most invigorating things that I’ve ever done!

I was particularly proud of Mark. It was the furthest he’s ever run and he managed it in 61 mins and 30 seconds. I did it in 72 mins and 3 seconds. I was over the moon with my time. I’ve found training really difficult and haven’t done any serious running for 2 1/2 years.

During the race, I ran past “The Deep” –  I have such fond memories of going with Keara, she loved it there. I thought of my beautiful sister all the way around and it spurred me on. I felt quite emotional but remembered so many wonderful happy times that we shared together as a family.

I hope to improve my time over each of my next two 10k races and, for the last 10k race which is in York in July, I’d like to do it in an hour. We’d like to thank everyone who has sponsored us so far. We would welcome any further sponsorship for our other 10k races.

Please enjoy our photos and yes, they are fairy wings that we’re wearing ;0)

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