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Spring makeover

We’ve lived in our house for the last 4 years and over that time we’ve pulled money together to make it our own. This hasn’t always been easy with getting married and having a baby, but I think it’s important for your house to feel like home. Over the last week and with Spring in the air, Mark has “made-over” our family bathroom.

I’ve never particularly liked this room. Our house was previously a rental before we bought it, so the walls were all a uniform cream (we felt like we lived in a student house!). Therefore we’ve tried to give each room a punch of colour. One of the main things that we considered about the bathroom was cost. In the future, we plan to have it remodeled but for the time being we just wanted to brighten it up and make it feel more inviting.

With a neutral bathroom suite, we chose lilac. I wanted some purple accessories but felt that purple walls in such a small room might make it feel cave like. We framed a print that we bought from Paris 5 years ago for €1, and I dyed my white towels, face cloths and bath matt purple instead of buying new.

Mark re-tiled the splash back. We decided to add an extra homely touch by putting Holly’s hand and foot prints on the tiles in ceramic paint. I baked the tiles to make them wash proof.

Finally we have a grown up bathroom, that only cost £70 and was worth every penny. Big thank you to my lovely husband for all of his hard work. We just need to freshen up the en-suite now, hint!

One of the photos is a before picture ;0)

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“Rain drops”

A quick post to show you a little project that Holly and I did last week. Our dear friend, Holly’s Godmother Jemma was coming home for the weekend. As we hadn’t had the opportunity to see her since Christmas, I decided that Holly and I would make her a little welcome home present. We recycled a tea-light holder from a gift that I’d been given years ago that had become damaged, a pesto jar and one of the spare tiles from our bathroom. Holly decorated them using ceramic and glass paints and her chubby little fingers. She used Jemma’s favourite colours. (I think I’m going to get Holly to make me a tile to put my hot pans on in the kitchen ;0))

The pattern reminded me of a song that we sing to Holly. It’s from the Methodist Sunday School hymn book. What’s really special about this song is that Mark’s Grandma used to sing it to him when he was little and now Holly’s Grandma (Mark’s mum) sings it to Holly.

Down came the raindrops on a cloudy day,
Wetting all the pavements washing dirt away,
Waking little brown buds thirsty seeds as well,
Down into the blades of grass the little raindrops fell,
Pitter, patter pit pat
This is how they came,
Pitter patter pit pat
Let us do the same,
Pitter patter pit pat
Children though we be,
Giver of the gentle rain, we give our thanks to Thee