So then Holly, what would you like to do this Summer?

This is our final Summer with Holly Hula doll before she goes to full-time school in September. The time has absolutely flown since she was born, and she seems to be growing up so fast. As with most working parents, we’re unable to spend the whole six weeks at home with her. Therefore, it was vitally important for us to get  as much out of the Summer as we could, and make some long-lasting memories.

My sister had a lovely idea, with the help of her little boy, they drew up a wish list of all the things they wanted to do together over the Summer months. Their wish list, was vibrant, colourful and absolutely full of wonderful activities. To be honest, we copied their idea. As the saying goes “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

When we started the list, Holly found it a little difficult to come up with suggestions of activities. But with a few prompts, she became more confident and gave us with some lovely ideas. The overriding theme of the list was that the majority of the “wishes” that Holly chose were very simple, inexpensive and involved her family and friends. It was really encouraging for us as parents to see that even at 4 years old, Holly’s choices were considerate and family orientated. There wasn’t anything materialistic, it was all about having fun and sharing her experiences with the people closest to her.

We hope to share some of our adventures over the next few months and hopefully document an amazing Summer.

Holly's Summer wish list

Holly’s Summer wish list



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