“Onesies and Wellibobs” Camp Katur

Life had become incredibly busy. After what felt like an age of disruption to our lives due to work and studying, we decided that we needed a well deserved break as a couple (child free). With our wedding anniversary approaching, we thought that it would be a golden opportunity to get away. We tend to have a bit of fun choosing somewhere different each year and it’s now become a bit of a challenge. This year it was my turn to arrange the trip.

As a child I had the most fun on our family camping trips in Yorkshire and thought that this might be a good idea for a getaway.  However, Mark and I didn’t have the essential camping equipment, and as we had grown used to the creature comforts (such as a comfy king size bed) we decided to compromise and after a little online research decided that “Glamping” sounded like the perfect option for us. “Glamping” is defined as…….

  1. a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.
    “glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries”
…… this seemed like the perfect solution. Many businesses offer this type of service as an alternative to traditional camping, and there is much to choose from. However, due to the facilities available and the location, we chose to book with Camp Katur.
Located on the Camp Hill Estate, which is the home to a number of different businesses which provide outdoor activities, Camp Katur offers very comfortable accommodation within close distance to the popular village of Bedale.
We booked into the Romeo and Juliet Hobbit Pod. This cosy nest  provides a romantic and secluded hideaway in the woods. It was perfect. Whilst there was no electricity, the fairy lights and candle light provided enough heat and a lovely ambience to set the scene for a dreamy wedding anniversary weekend. Privacy was high on the agenda at Camp Katur with strict rules and guidelines to ensure that everyone felt safe and secure during their stay. However, this wasn’t a couple’s only weekend. There were plenty of families with children who were enjoying the Tour de France. At bedtime, the camp was provided a calm environment to settle the younger guests in their onesies and wellibobs. Having families on the site didn’t ruin the experience, it served to promote ideas of future potential “Glamping” trips with out beautiful little girl Holly who we were sure would have loved the environment.
During our trip, Mark and I booked into the Eco Spa which was composed of an outdoor log burning hot tub and sauna. All appointments are booked in advance and are exclusive to the booking party. This was one of the highlights of the stay, especially as the weather was glorious and we had stunning views over the camp.
We needed very little preparation for the trip and the quaintness of communal cooking and BBQ areas were novel. However, Mark and I also enjoyed the option of the privacy of our own camp fire and BBQ if we so wished. A fantastic getaway which we would highly recommend and would most definitely book again. We were very satisfied by the wardens on camp who were extremely helpful throughout our trip.
We didn’t visit Michelin star restaurants or stay in a 5 star hotels in a capital city. However, we had a 5 star experience. The privacy and seclusion gave us a welcome break from our busy lives and gave us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and our marriage vows which was absolutely priceless.
…I’m really looking forward to finding out where  Mark chooses next year!

3 responses to ““Onesies and Wellibobs” Camp Katur

  1. Fabulous review Thank you so much, would love to use some of your candlelit Romeo & Juliet pod if you wouldn’t mind?

    We hope to see you again sometime.

    Happy Glamping,

    Kerry @ Camp Katur 🙂 xx

    • Lakes and Pebbles

      You are very welcome! We had the most wonderful time. Such a perfect venue for a romantic getaway. We most certainly will be visiting again.

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