Tuesday (the new friday)

I must admit, this MSc has been far more challenging than I could have ever imagined (hence the lack of blog posts!). Working, studying, running a home, being a mummy and a wife really does pull on every resource I have. I constantly feel that I’m doing half a job in many areas of my life and maternal guilt mounts on a daily basis.

I usually find Tuesdays quite stressful. After a day at work and a week of studying facing me, I often feel deflated. We often eat out on a Tuesday, however this week I had a different idea. Holly and I love to cook together and I think it’s how we managed to get her to enjoy a varied diet. I asked Holly if she would like to have a restaurant at our house; she loved the idea!

I must admit that on Tuesday evening, feeling pretty exhausted, I felt a little daunted. Having said this, when I collected Holly from nursery and she said “Mummy, we’re cooking for Daddy tonight” she helped me to feel very motivated for the night ahead. We had so much fun! We made chicken breasts stuffed with mozzarella and wrapped in smokey bacon, a winter salad and bulgar wheat bruschetta. Holly listened so intently to my instructions (every so often she gave me a cuddle and said “I love this Mummy”) and she was so proud to present her Daddy with the food she had made him. Wearing her chef hat and apron, with a tea towel over her arm she said “Excuse me sir, are you ready for your starter?”

I felt relaxed and so happy that I’d spent some quality time with my princess. I think it goes to show, it’s not the quantity of time but the quality of time that you spend with your children that really matters. I truly respect all of the students on my course that are juggling jobs, children, homes, family but most of all, those who are doing it alone. You are all absolutely amazing xxx



2 responses to “Tuesday (the new friday)

  1. Lovely post vicky xxx

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