Finally an answer: dyslexia

Today was intense. I had an assessment with an educational psychologist who gave me an answer to a long-standing question. Why do I seem to find it so much harder than other people to learn? Today I was diagnosed with dyslexia.

Now I know some people wouldn’t believe this. I’ve had some wonderful comments since I’ve started my MSc. Some of my very kind peers have said, “I’m surprised you’re struggling, out of everyone I thought you’d fly through this course”, “I bet you get top marks!” ” I think you’re a really conscientious student.” The problem is, I really struggle to articulate in the written word what comes out of my mouth!

Reading and writing has always been a struggle. It takes me forever. The diagnosis today helps make sense of the “kindle” post.

If I’m honest, somehow I was shocked. I burst into tears. How could I manage to get onto a MSc degree with this? Why has it taken till I’m 30 years old to be diagnosed with this, why have I struggled for so long, why have I only had 5 nights off from study in the last 9 weeks? This didn’t last long, it gave me the answer, this is why I’ve struggled.

There’s nothing wrong with my noodle, some of the most creative people in the world are or have been dyslexic and to be honest, I’m proud. I’m ever determined to meet my goals and get there in the end (thank goodness my computer has a spell check LOL!!).

It didn’t take long for my silly husband to start with jokes about spelling etc, I quickly reminded him who had the most qualifications ;0)


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